Pioneers in the industry, we offer Corporate Intelligence Services such as Due Diligence & Debugging Services, Intellectual Property Right Services, Cyber Intelligence Services, Vigilance & Criminal Intelligence Services and Undercover Operation Services from India.

Cyber Intelligence Services

Cyber Intelligence Services is a leading cyber intelligence & litigation support firm. We assist corporations, attorneys, and professionals across the globe in dealing with complex internet issues. Our cyber teams have unparalleled experience in helping our clients solve very difficult cases.

Much of our work revolves on of three key areas:

  • Identification: One of the biggest challenges of stopping many issues on the internet is the naming and location of individuals that are intentionally hiding their identity. This can include individuals defaming a company, rogue companies selling counterfiet products, to anonymous hackers and stalkers.

  • Stopping: Many issues on the internet can be resolved before they turn into major, expensive problems for a company or professional. Sometimes this can be as simple as stopping a known internet defamer to the more complex cases of stopping copyright theft or infringement.

  • Enforcement: Many of our clients face internet issues that far exceed simply identifying or stopping illegal activities. In these cases, they need enforcement of laws from either a criminal or civil side.

Undercover Operation Services

The professional team of our company presents a wide range of Undercover Operations Services which is widely popular among electronic media as well as print. These operations are performed by the qualified and experienced agents who have an ability to approach the criminals and convicts. Our team is skilled to hide their identity without any risk until the conclusion. There are so many cases are being done by the employees like Pilferage and thefts. We can plant our trained agents on strategic positions of a targeted establishment to keep an observant on the developments between work force and other activities in the unit to find out any mucky happenings for weekly reporting to the management can interrupt this muck.


  • All undercover assignments are unique
  • Require highly trained personnel who are able to adapt to a wide range of situations within potentially hostile environments

Criminal Intelligence Services

We offer Vigilance/Criminal Intelligence Services which require Discreet Intelligence/inquiries in connection with all criminal cases, inter acting with the Police Authorities, collecting evidence for submitting to the Court etc., are undertaken.

A complete criminal Intelligence can include:

  • Searching
  • Interviews
  • Interrogations
  • Evidence collection
  • Preservation
  • Various methods of intelligence

Intellectual Property Right Services

We provide Intellectual Property Rights Services which is best suited to clients. It includes various right which are given as follows:

  • Intellectual property rights dispute negotiation
  • Intellectual property rights dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property rights protection and enforcement
  • Contract drafting, review and negotiation

Due Diligence & Debugging Services

Due diligence information is strategic and integral part of business transactions such as mergers, joint ventures and acquisitions besides when forming new customer or vendor relationships. For these alliances to be long lasting and profitable, partners require access to better business information to take more informed strategic business decisions.

An intelligence of this type requires detailed examination of relevant technical, legal & financial management issues. We at TNT make in depth background verification with detailed financial health, integrity, reputation and current reliability of the prospective partners. The credibility of major share holders and business acumen of key business managers also becomes a part and parcel of intelligence. We also provide crucial insights into the personality traits of the respective alliance partners. We do not hesitate to engage specialist agents and consultants if the job requires their additional expertise.

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