Leading Service Provider from Delhi, our Service range includes Cyber Intelligence such as Preventive Intelligence and Post Intelligence. We also provide services such as Forensic Services & Intelligence Services.

Preventive Intelligence Services

The Preventive Intelligence Agents knows where to look. His job and his art is to provide information. In an increasingly complex society where few people are aware of the mansource said techniques necessary to obtain inconspicuous data, a specialist must be consulted. Whether the request is to verify an employment history, locate a missing person, or trace the cause of a shortage, the agents must know exactly what to do. He evaluates the situation, chooses an appropriate procedure and goes to work.

  • Supply private detectives who can be utilised to work undetected as a member of staff inside your workplace gathering intelligence and information
  • We work with all business sizes, whether small or large
  • If you have speculations about why an employee is sick or absent a lot and other time related frauds, if you suspect theft, findings of rumors substance abuse occurring in the office, or discrimination in the workplace, our private detectives will come back with the answers you are looking for, we will provide detailed assessments of the problematic employee(s).

Post Intelligence Services

Our clients for our Intelligence Services include Multi-national companies and also prominent personalities. In the interest of maintaining professional ethics and confidentiality we cannot reveal their identities here. The actual work of intelligence involves the use of sophisticated techniques such as trailing, interviewing, fingerprinting, photographing or even videotaping the movements of a person. After the required information is collected, the team then presents the facts of the case. After the client is satisfied with the results, the case is then closed.

Our team specializes in the following:

  • Pre & Post employment verification
  • Pre & Post Matrimonial Alliance Enquiry
  • Divorce related enquiries
  • Gainful Employment Verification
  • Intellectual Property Issues
  • Undercover Operations
  • Surveillance and shadowing, Video & Photo surveillance

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